One Eighth Air Force History

The One Eighth Air Force was founded in 1976 with the goal of providing a venue for R/C scale airplane modelers to fly their models in organized events. A handful of local Phoenix Arizona modelers organized the first Scale Fly-Ins, which proved so popular they have been held every spring and fall ever since.

OEAF Founders Bob Frey and Al Casey

Two of OEAF’s Founders Bob Frey and Al Casey

Shortly after those first Fly-Ins the small group adopted the unique ‘One Eighth Air Force’ club name and became AMA chartered. The typical president, vice president, secretary and treasurer club officers are instead called Commander, Vice Commander, Group Adjutant and Finance Officer in our group that is based loosely on an Air Force Group. The Commander position holds the rank of Colonel and all other members are Captains. We were fortunate to obtain an OK from the Air Force to wear modified official Air Force attire in the form of shirts and epaulets.

Since the One Eighth Air Force exists primarily to organize and sponsor the Scale Fly-Ins we have no field to maintain or other normal club expenses. Because of this dues and assessments are held to an absolute minimum and at times not required at all. Instead members are expected to work primarily at various assigned duties to fulfill the goals of the group.

Over the years The One Eighth Air Force evolved into a very successful group with respect to our goal. Our events are very well attended by scale modelers from across the country. Our events are well known for their hospitality, friendship and a layback approach to this recreation. Our membership is not limited to local Phoenix Arizona modelers and as a result we have members from across the nation as well.

Our members have been very active and successful in formal R/C scale competition as well. Several of our members are counted as champions on all levels of scale competition. Today, more than 35 years old, the One Eighth Air Force is still strong and successful. It is still striving to maintain progress on it’s Mission Statement.

Take a walk down One Eighth Air Force memory lane…

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