1/8th Newsletter January, 2017

“1/8th NEWS” Newsletter – JANUARY 2017



January 2017 OEAF Newsletter

1/8th NEWSLETTER – Volume 2 – Issue 1

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“1/8th News” Newsletter Editor: Captain Bob Bayless

Thank You Bob!

“KJ” – OEAF’S Webmaster


2 thoughts on “1/8th Newsletter January, 2017

  1. Nice Job Bob!!! And Thank You for getting the Fall Fly-In Event Flyer to me!!! Happy Flying, my friend! KJ


  2. NOTICE TO OEAF MEMBERS FROM Captain Ken Justice – OEAF Webmaster – PLEASE remember you can post COMMENTS, FEEDBACK or any input of any kind (keep it nice) 😉 to any and all posts on our website. This has been this way since I launched this website. Also, be sure to SIGN UP for WEBSITE UPDATE EMAILS from the tab at the top of the page! This has always been this way too, as I presented in my video launch at the monthly meeting when this new site was launched. To date, only myself and Captain Dan Bott has done this. ALSO, some of you follow us on Facebook. It’s not a hassle to do this. But I am constantly posting and sharing aviation “stuff” to our Facebook and Twitter feeds. You don’t have to get all engulfed in the “social media” to follow us on Facebook (FB) and Twitter. You can pick and choose what you want to do on Social Media. Just follow our OEAF. When I was attending every event while manning the PX, I was constantly updating the event with photos, observations and “up-to-the-minute” weather, news, incidents, etc on Twitter.

    On a personal note…I just got burned out at always sitting at the PX, watching other members fly or do absolutely nothing, to help put on an event. No one would even provide any articles or substance for the website. So I decided it was time to step back from our club a bit, quite a bit. Talk is cheap but actions speak louder than words. My health has been an issue also because of my schedule and stress level. But I AM here…give me substance and input. If you wish for me to no longer be your webmaster, then I will do just that. Captain Rich Wildey and one other, warned me when I took this on, how no one would step forward with input. Sadly, Rich was correct. Commander Geyer says “we are headed in a new direction”. Are we? I hope so. This hobby is diminishing…as we have known it over the years. Thank You for listening to me for a moment. Happy Flying!!! KJ


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