2010 Warbirds Over the Rockies

Action report by Howard Kennedy

On Wednesday 9-22-2010 about noon Dave Linne, David Morales, Val Roqueni and I left for Ft Collins Colorado and Warbirds Over The Rockies in Val’s GMC truck and toy hauler. After driving all night we pulled into McDonald’s in Ft Collins at 7 AM and grabbed some breakfast. Then on to the flying field about 9 miles east, unloaded our aircraft and set up an area in the pits. Tighe O’Meara had gone up a couple of days earlier, Ken and Betty Perkins from Lakeside, AZ showed up a little later with Bill Powers and John Deacon showing up after that. By Thursday evening the pits were totally full from one end of the runway to the other. After setting up we walked around and admired the beautiful aircraft that were there.

Friday morning the event started with a fly over (several passes) by four full scale RV-8’s in formation and then went to r/c flying until the noon break when there were several r/c demonstrations including a WW1 gaggle with pyrotechnics, a WW 11 gaggle with more pyro and a bomber gaggle with even more fireworks. The big (159 inch) B-29 did a simulated atomic bomb drop with of course the largest pyro explosion. More regular r/c flying in the afternoon with a BBQ at the field that evening.

Saturday started with multiple passes by a full scale WW1 era SE-5 followed by r/c flying until noon and then a repeat of the gaggles, etc. Also at noon Saturday we were treated to multiple fly-bys of a full scale P-51 and a T-28. Back to the usual r/c stuff for the rest of the afternoon and then off the University of Colorado for the banquet. Good food, and then the awards. Dave Morales captured three awards for his Vimy and Ken Perkins got one for his Japanese Claude. After that was a speech by Steve Pisanos a WW ll double ace. Also there was Russ Kyler another WW ll ace. The banquet was concluded with an auction of lot of r/c stuff most of it going for ½ retail or less.

Sunday started with a fly over of a full size Fokker D-7.

I finally managed to get a flight on my big Hurricane late Sunday morning that went very well. Right after I landed I was asked to fly in the fighter gaggle and had to really scramble to make it, but make it I did and had another good flight. Around 2 PM we started to pack up and left about 4 arriving back in Phoenix about 2 PM on Monday. All in all a great weekend with great friends, wonderful weather, lots of beautiful scale aircraft and a lot of r/c flying.

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